The ASA sub-youth inter-provincial championship will be taking place on Friday, the 23rd, and Saturday the 24th of November in Potchefstroom. Please see below the link to the athlete’s selection confirmation letter & travel arrangements to Potchefstroom. Please note the departure date is FRIDAY 23 November

Bus departure from Kingspark athletics stadium – FRIDAY 23 November at 06H00. Athletes must be at the stadium by 05H30 to facilitate all the logistic requirements

Bus stop in Pietermaritburg at McDonald’s at 07H00

Bus stop at Bergville N3 toll plaza at 10H00

The team will stay at the CAMELOT self-catering apartments

Athletes must only wear KZNA registered kit. Athletes can contact the KZNA office to order kit.

Its important to note that athletes must take their 2018 KZNA license with them. It will be required for registration purposes

Please note that a certified copy of your ID document or birt certificate must be handed in with the KZNA office by no later than the 20th of November. The indemnity form must also be signed and handed in at KZNA office on the 20th of November. Failure to produce these documents will disqualify the athlete from participating at the event.

1. Its compulsory that athletes stay at the chosen accommodation
2. The team briefing is scheduled for 19H00 on the 23rd of November. Its important to attend, as the final program will be confirmed and competition numbers handed out
3. Athletes are responsible for their own pocket money and medication. Please notify KZNA or team management on Thursday of any special medical requirements they should be aware of

KZNA-Team-Letter (Revised).pdf