Now that we eased into the new year and got rid of the cobwebs, things are getting a little more serious & tougher in February. With no less than 3 marathons on the menu there will be plenty of options for Comrades runners to start chasing qualifying times and better seedings. But our weekend warriors should not fear as there many 10km races to get you fitter and stronger for longer events. Walkers will also have plenty to choose from.

Please note there are some changes and one cancellation

03/02/2019 – DG Panel & Paint Challenge (16km run & walk/32km run) – CLICK HERE FOR RACE DETAILS

09/02/2019 – Nongoma Mayoral Race (10km run & walk/28km run) – Contact 076 095 5469 or email

10/02/2019 – THEHhold Hillcrest Marathon (21.1km run & walk/42.2km run) – CLICK HERE FOR RACE DETAILS

16/02/2019 – TW Mchunu Legacy Marathon (6km run & walk/10km run & walk/21.1km run) – CLICK HERE FOR RACE DETAILS

17/02/2019 – Zabalala Half Marathon. POSTPONED TILL LATER DATE (TBC)

17/02/2019 – Dick King Half Marathon. RACE CANCELLED

17/02/2019 – Dr JL Dube Race (10km run & walk). CLICK HERE FOR RACE DETAILS

23/02/2019 – Richards Bay Hippo Marathon (10km run & walk/21.1km run/42.2km run) – CLICK HERE FOR RACE DETAILS (Entries close 1 February 2019)

23/02/2019 – Neighbourhood Race. POSTPONED TILL LATER DATE (TBC)

24/02/2019 – Maritzburg Marathon (10km run & walk/21.1km run/42.2km run). CLICK HERE FOR RACE DETAILS

ENJOY YOUR RACES! And remember, athletes DO NOT LITTER. Please help race organizers by throwing water sachets in provided bins or bags. Let us keep our roads clean.

For any enquiries regarding road race events please contact the KZNA office at 031 312 9374