Further to earlier correspondence, KZNA would like to advise that ASA (Athletics South Africa) have not yet released the 2019 licenses to KZNA as required. ASA failed to officially respond and engage on the withholding of 2019 licenses, despite multiple official correspondence to the fact. This has left KZNA no choice to approach the court regarding the matter. The case has been heard, but the outcome will only be known on Friday the 25th of January. Members are reminded that the 2018 licenses are still valid till 31 January 2019. Your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated. See attached correspondence below

We will keep you posted on any new developments. For any enquiries regarding the matter please contact the KZNA general manager, mr Goodman Cele at 031 312 9374

KZNA Circular Update: Release of 2019 Licenses