The 2018 ASA inter-provincial championship will be taking place on the 23rd & 24th of November in Potchefstroom. The KZNA team has already been released and busy preparing for the annual event. Athletes selected for the team must be aware of the following and take note of the supporting documents:

  1. The official KZNA team selected.
  2. The confirmation letter. Athletes can use this letter together with the official team list for record purposes
  3. Athletes accepting team selection must complete the confirmation letter and return it to the KZNA office by the 16th of November
  4. Together with accepting team selection athletes must complete and SIGN the indemnity form and also return it by 16 November. Athletes without a signed indemnity form will NOT be allowed to travel with the team or participate at the championship
  5. The provisional competition program.

Once again, congratulations to all selected athletes, we know you will make our province proud

For any enquiries regarding the team or the travel arrangements, please contact Mzo Gumede at the KZNA office 031 312 9374

2018 KZNA Sub-Youth Team

KZNA Sub-Youth Confirmation Letter

KZNA Sub-Youth Confirmation Form

KZNA Sub-Youth Indemnity Form

2018 Inter-Provincial Sub-Youth Program