We would like to remind our visitors that KZNA has its own official facebook and twitter social media accounts. We urge anyone who makes use of these platforms to like us on facebook or follow us on twitter to stay up to date with all the happenings in our athletics family. An instagram profile will be launched in the next week or so.

Find us on facebook at https://facebook.com/kznathletics

On twitter you can find us at https://twitter.com/kznathletics

The social media icons can be found in the footer section of every page

We value everyone’s input and comments regarding KZNA and therefor encourage followers to engage in constructive dialogue & meaningful conversations. We kindly request to refrain from any derogatory comments and abusive language. Rather contact the KZNA office directly 031 312 9374 or via email at admin@kznathletics.co.za to voice your concern. The office will respond where possible, and if not, refer your query to the relevant commission, committee or EXCO.