KZNA Odd Events 2 Lane Draws – 12/12/2020

The second KZNA track & field odd-event will be taking place at Kingspark in Durban on Saturday the 12th of December. Kindly note that NO SPECTATORS will be allowed at the event

Athletes who competed last week have been seeded accordingly, so where there are Heats the athletes with Performances from last week or the better performances have been automatically drawn in the 2nd Heat. In the case of the U20 & Senior Men 1500m, the SAAS Stas list has been used to seed, as we have a number of visiting athletes looking at world level performances
In the cases of Girls and Boys 13 – 1500m there was only one entry each so have been included in the 15/17 race, but there performance will still be recorded as 13In the U20 Women 60m & 300m there was only one entry, so has been included in the Senior womens race’s, but there performance will still be recorded as 19/U20
Please remember to bring your Completed Health Questionnaire to be handed in at the Screening table on arrival.
Only Athletes, Coaches and Technical Officials whose names appear on the Gate Register will be allowed to enter, as well as signing in.

Lane draws download>> KZNA Odd Event2 Lane Draws