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KwaZulu-Natal Athletics proudly announces the appointment of Smangele Jessica Khomo to the
position of Finance & Administration Manager with effect 1 June 2022.
With a Bachelor of Education degree, she was an Educator at Our Lady of Fatima School in Durban North.

A keen athlete herself and all-around sporting enthusiast (having represented South Africa as a
National Netball player), Jessica has an extensive knowledge and passion for the sport of athletics,
currently serving as the Secretary of Umgababa Athletics Club.

With a wide general knowledge of the greater sporting environment, and KZNA in particular, she is
under no illusions as to the magnitude of the current challenges facing KZNA and, in fact, is undaunted
by them and looking forward to the challenge.

She has an extensive background in community work and development, as the Founder of the Rural
Sports Empowerment Project, as well as in team building and empowerment, having also previously
been employed as a Team Manager at the Babanango Valley Outdoor Leadership Training Programme.

KZNA President, Steve Mkasi, has warmly welcomed Jessica Khomo to the position, which follows
upon an extensive recruiting process, also calling upon all clubs, office-bearers and officials to lend her
their cooperation and support towards the ongoing re-building of KwaZulu-Natal Athletics.

“Ms Khomo impressed as an extremely favourable candidate for this position who brings with her a
range of personality traits, experience and skills that I believe will enable her to hit the ground running
and be a great ambassador for the sport. She presents as an extremely together, confident, intelligent,
energetic and accomplished woman for the job.”