KZN DSR Scholarship Application

Kindly note that the Scholarship Applications closed on the 13 December 2019. However, the window for submission has been extended to the 31 January 2020 (Friday) due to most Sport Entities, Academies, EADP, Sport Focused Schools and other Institutions not submitting Applications timeously.

The Department has now opened up the Opportunity to ensure all Sporting Athletes in the Province are once more given an opportunity to apply.

Please note that if your application has been received and in order you need not apply again.

Kindly ensure the following: 


  • Applicants must be South African Citizens, residing AND studying in KwaZulu-Natal
  • Scholarships are awarded in one of two tiers, and must meet at least one or more of the set criteria stipulated below.

Tier 1: Talented athletes who have :

  • Represented the country and excelled at national/international sporting levels in a specific code of sport.
  • Athletes who have recorded podium positions at a national level
  • In the case of team sport, applicants must have played sport at national level in the year immediately before registration with the institution and where their potential/talent can be measured and/or where they give permission for such a test to be administered. All applications must be submitted with certified proof of evidence.

Tier 2: Talented athletes that :

  • Have been identified through the implementation of the School Sport Programme and who must have represented the province at the National Top Schools Championships, Schools Winter, Summer or Autumn Games and where performances can be substantiated.
  • Have been identified for the Department’s Elite Athlete Development Programme (EADP) and/or Academy and Sport Focus School System.
  • Have represented the Province at National sporting levels in a specific code of sport.
  • Have recorded podium positions at a provincial level
  • Preference will be given to athletes who are able to demonstrate the potential for academic success and which must be substantiated by the appropriate academic record. In the case of applications for tertiary study, applicants must have received preliminary acceptance for enrolment in the relevant faculty or programme at an accredited institution.
  • Preference will be given to athletes who are prepared to serve the Department voluntarily in their particular area of study or code of sport.
  • A deviation to the criteria may be implemented for deserving Students/citizens who have been identified by the Executive Authority (EA) for receipt of a Discretionary Bursary.

The following with your application is required:

  • Original Application Form
  • Include originally certified copies of your ID document
  • Include originally certified copies of your final or latest academic results for the 2019 academic year
  • Proof of registration for intended study in 2020
  • An affidavit confirming your parents or guardians income
  • Written confirmation from your coach and / or the Federation regarding your level of sporting achievement

Kindly note that all applications will only be received by Sport Federations and not the individual/guardian/parent.

Application containing original documents must be sent in by 31  January  2020. No late applications will be accepted.

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