KZNA is currently busy putting together the 2020 cross-country calendar as this needs to be finalized soon. Some league events are already confirmed, but we invite all our clubs and schools, who are interested, to come on board and partner with KZNA to host a cross-country league event in 2020. Ideally we would like to host at least one league in each of the 11 districts, but can only do this with YOUR help. The cross-country season runs from March until the beginning of August

KZNA will support each event in terms of logistics, entry process & technical officials. Clubs/schools only need to secure a venue, be responsible for the course setup and supply helpers to assist with entries, act as marshals etc. Ideally it must be hosted at a secure/safe venue with access to toilets, parking etc. There will be an agreement between KZNA and the club/school regarding expenses and revenue to ensure we all benefit. Athletes, coaches, parents, teachers please discuss this with your club or school and become part of developing cross-country across our beautiful province. Yes, we invite schools to host as well, not only clubs affiliated to KZNA. Help us to put together an exciting 2020 cross-country league program and we challenge you to make it special. Take initiative, so together we can make things happen!

Hosts can organize and manage their own sponsorship(s) and do their own marketing/branding in partnership with the sponsor(s).

If there are any businesses interested in sponsoring a league event, you can get in contact with our coordinators (see contacts below)

We would like to hear from interested parties before end of October, but the sooner the better. You can contact
Alen Hattingh on 083 440 3135 or via email on crocodile@live.co.za (no jokes, that is his real email) or

Kylie Griffin on 082 563 0574.

Otherwise you can contact the KZNA office at 031 312 9374 or DM us directly via facebook