We recently asked our members about their interest in attending a ASA Level 1 & 2 certification course. We had an overwhelming response and we are excited to see how keen people are. At the recent council meeting the demand for such coaching education was just reaffirmed. The council has therefor taken action on this item with the following important action points.

1. A special coaches meeting will be held on Saturday the 14th of December, after the SALGA games finishes, at KINGSPARK athletics stadium. This arrangement is accommodate all the district coaches attending SALGA games. This not a compulsory meeting, but will be beneficial if you are able to attend. Feedback from the meeting will be communicated

2. A coaching committee will be re-established at the meeting. It will be open to nominations from the clubs and other interested parties. If you are unable to attend the above meeting but would be interested in serving on the committee, please forward your request to Clyde Kinloch via clyde.kinloch@gmail.com

3. Clyde Kinloch was tasked to determine requirements for hosting a CERTIFIED ASA Level 1 & 2 coaching course and will update the meeting on the progress thereof. This included the cost, hosting venue and possible date(s). Clyde will establish a mailing list and whatsapp group to communicate with interested parties. Everyone who responded to the recent Facebook request will automatically be added to this mailing list

4. Anyone who are interested and didn’t respond to the Facebook request can forward their request directly to Clyde via clyde.kinloch@gmail.com This invitation is open to ANYONE who is interested. You do not have to belong to a club or be a coach at all (callout to teachers). Our key focus for 2020 will be development of athletes at all levels and the education of coaches will be an integral part of that focus

5. If you are currently coaching, we request you to forward your details to Clyde as well. He is busy compiling a database of coaches for everyone to use. We will publish it on our website as well. Please respond with the following info: (1) Name & Surname, (3) contact info, (3) qualification level, (4) Town, city or rural area you operate in, (5) athletic disciplines you focus on, (6) address where you are coaching & (7) days/times you are coaching

6. If you have any agenda points to add to the meeting please forward them to Clyde as well
7. Also to be discussed at the meeting will be feedback on ASA’s decision to incorporate schools as part of their structure. From 2020 their will be a single club and high-school national championship for track & field and cross-country, not separately as is currently the case.

Kindly direct ALL queries regarding the coaching courses to directly Clyde Kinloch via clyde.kinloch@gmail.com

Coaches Meeting Agenda