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We are in motion for the 2023 KZN Sport Awards. The KZN Sport Awards are hosted and presented in partnership with the KwaZulu-Natal Sport Confederation. The Awards recognize and acknowledge the successes and commitment of athletes, teams, coaches, administrators, volunteers, technical officials, media personnel and sport and recreation bodies, during the awards qualification period. This year’s qualification period for 2023 is for 09 August 2022 to 09 August 2023.

The 2023 KZN Sport Awards Rulebook provides detailed information on all the categories for the awards, together with the criteria that will be used when adjudicating. It is a requirement for sport and recreation federations and bodies to submit nominations on behalf of their top performers for the Awards.  All applications are subject to the scrutiny of an independent panel of judges derived from media houses as well as those representing the sporting industry. An independent auditing firm will also audit the adjudication process. 

Please note the following:

Rulebook: The rulebook is the KZN Sport Awards document with all relevant details regards the criteria and processes. Click here to view.

Manual Nomination Form: The nomination form is in word format and has been made such to allow entering parties to type in their details/descriptions. Kindly exercise due diligence when completing the application forms, be as detailed and descriptive as possible as the adjudication panel will be judging what is submitted on the forms. Entering parties may attach additional motivations and results to add value to their applications. Forms must be submitted to the email: sportawards@kzndsac.gov.za

Electronic Submission: There is also an option of completing an electronic submission on: https://apps.kzndsac.gov.za/nominations/index.php

Deadline The Deadline Date for submitting nominations is 20 September 2023, 23h59


  1. Administrator of the Year
  2. Newcomer of the Year
  3. Junior Sportswoman of the Year
  4. Junior Sportsman of the Year
  5. Sportswoman of the Year
  6. Sportswoman of the year with a Disability
  7. Sportsman of the Year
  8. Sportsman of the Year with a Disability
  9. Team of the Year
  10. Coach of the Year
  11. Recreation Body of the Year
  12. Federation of the Year
  13. Photographer of the Year
  14. Sport Journalist of the Year
  15. Sport Personality of the Year
  16. School Team of the Year
  17. Indigenous Games Team of the Year
  18. Newcomer of the Year
  19. Technical Official of the Year

MEC of Sports Recognition Awards – 

  1. Black Blazer Award
  2. Posthumous Award
  3. Lifetime Achievement

Invitations for Awards will be sent to finalists, and invited guests will also be invited closer to the date of the event. 

You are humbly requested to forward the documents to all corners of the province to ensure adequate and diverse representation in this year’s awards. Should you require any clarity regarding this year’s awards,  please contact the office on 033 897 9405 or relevant persons as stated on the Rulebook.

You may also follow updates on our Facebook/Instagram pages: @SportArtsKZNhttps://www.facebook.com/SportArtsKZN and https://www.facebook.com/officialKZNSportAwards

Wishing everyone the best of luck

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