2020 Club Affiliation & License Numbers

KZNA is already gearing up for the 2020 athletics season. The recent council meeting confirmed the club affiliation and license number fees for the 2020 season. Please find below the 2020 Club Affiliation form and order form for 2020 permanent license numbers.

Clubs are requested to:

1. Return the affiliation form together with proof of payment

2. Clubs must affiliate BEFORE any 2020 licenses will be released

3. Complete and return the order form for 2020 licenses together with proof of payment. No proof of payment – no license.

4. Indicate clearly number of senior and junior licences required. The are age specific, meaning a senior athlete cannot have a junior license

5. Only order numbers that can be sold. Don’t over-order as no licenses can be returned or refunded.

6. No cash will be accepted on collecting of numbers. All monies MUST be paid into the official KZNA bank account

7. Please ensure that you use the bank details as indicated on the affiliation and order form.

8. Further communication will be sent to you regarding availability & collection of licence numbers. We roughly expect to have the numbers available by end of November.

9. Also attached is the 2020 ASA license form which must be completed for every license sold

10. Clubs are reminded to ensure that athletes get a release form/letter from the club should they join a new club in 2020. And if a member joins from another club please make sure you have a release letter from the athlete from his/her previous club.

11. Athletes can only buy permanent licenses from a KZNA affiliated club and not directly from the KZNA office. A updated club list will be released shortly

Kindly contact the KZNA office regarding any queries or send an email to dees@kznathletics.co.za