The 2019 KZN athletics team to represent the province on Saturday the 7th of September at the SA cross-country champs (Pretoria), have been announced. First of all we would like to congratulate each and everyone selected, we know you will make our province proud at SA champs. There are some logistics that require athletes, clubs and coaches’ support and we appeal for everyone to please assist the KZNA office in this regard. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Please note the following:

  1. Athletes younger than 10 years can compete at nationals if their parents are prepared to make their own travel & accommodation arrangements.
  2. Athletes must notify the office ASAP if they are available for the SA champs or not. If you are not available, please use courtesy in notifying the office to enable other athletes the opportunity to travel to Pretoria
  3. If you are available please notify the office of your ID number, permanent KZNA license number & whether you will travel with the team and require accommodation. ASA wil NOT ACCEPT entries if we fail to provide ID numbers and license numbers. If you are selected and do not have a permanent license, please contact the KZNA office to make arrangements
  4. Please confirm that your name & surname details are correct on the team list and forward KZNA your contact details (cell no and/or email address)
  5. The office will send out your official selection letter and indemnity forms within the next few days.
  6. The plan is to leave on Thursday evening, 5 September, and travel overnight to Pretoria. The team will then leave Pretoria after the last medal ceremony on Saturday the 7th of September
  7. If there are any queries regarding the team, please forward your appeal to the KZNA office

Please forward your required personal info to Jabulani Mhlungu at at the KZNA office or contact him at the KZNA office at 031 312 9374

2019 KZNA Cross-Country Team (Prelim)