Cross-Country Rules

Cross-Country Rules

  • Like with any other sport, there are a number of rules that need to be adhered to by any athlete partaking in any KZN organized cross-country event. Although it is the responsibility of every participant to know the rules the following notes are provided to highlight aspects to avoid common misperceptions.


  • All athletics events on the official Kwazulu Natal calendar are held under the rules of IAAF, ASA, the ASA Constitution and Kwazulu Natal Athletics. Athletes must ensure they are fully familiarized with the rules of their sport and copies of the IAAF Competition Rules 2014 – 2015 Handbook and the ASA Handbook are available from the KZNA offices.
  • If you are in doubt of any rule consult the race referee prior to the commencement of the race.


  • 2014 Licenses must be worn on the chest and back of upper body garments. (Men and women) (IAAF rule 143 ASA rule 13)
  • In the case of a woman wearing a top where the license number prevents the club name being displayed on the upper body garment, the club name may be displayed once only on the waist band of the lower body garment. The club name may only be 40mm high, but the full width of the body. The club name may not be displayed on the rear of the lower body garment. (ASA rule 13). The back number must be on the upper body garment
  • License and race numbers must not be altered in any way, and the full number and sponsor must be fully visible throughout the race

Temporary Licenses

  • The temporary licence is only valid on the day of the competition for races of any distance. If there is one number given when a temporary licence is purchased, it must be worn on the front of the vest, crop top or shirt
  • Registered athletes who do not have their licence numbers or club kit with them can purchase and use temporary licences in races of any distance
  • In addition to the temporary licence charge, the normal entry fee must be paid. Participants issued with temporary licences need not wear club colours, but must at all times be decently clad. Clothing must comply with the advertising rules. (See IAAF rules 8 and 143, IAAF Advertising regulations and ASA rules 3 and 13)
  • Participation at the KZN championships require a permanent license number. No athlete will be allowed to run with a temporary license

Runner’s Kit

  • Athletes must wear official club colours
  • Athletes competing with a temporary license, must be decently dressed. No advertising is allowed. Failure to comply will result in disqualification
  • Athletes may have their personal sponsors name and or logo on the upper right of their vest providing this does not exceed a size of 40cm2 and the lettering is not higher than 4cm. The height of the logo may be 5cm

Age Tags

  • Masters athletes must wear the appropriate age tag for an official result and to qualify for age category prizes. Age is calculated as at 31 December