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KZNA Comrades School Relays FINALS

The time has finally arrived to see who will be crowned the top school in the 2014 KZNA/Comrades School Relay Finals. Top schools from around Durban and various districts will go head to head from 18H00 tonight at Kingspark in Durban.

There are 6 events split between 3 age groups per gender, namely sub-youth (14/15 years), youth (16/17 years) and junior (18/19 years). Each race is run by a team of 8 athletes doing 1 x 800m, 1 x 400m, 2 x 200m & 4 x 100m.

We invite everyone to join us as our guests at the event tonight. Entrance fee is R10 payable at the main gate.

Comrades is the main title sponsor of the event and together with ADIDAS contributed generously towards prizes for the event.

The prizes awarded to the best Boys and the Girls schools are (most overall points from age group teams):
– FIRST PLACE – R 10 000 Cash Prize, R 10 000 Adidas Merchandise & adidas Golden Spike Trophy

– SECOND PLACE – R 6 000 Cash Prize, R 5 000 Adidas Merchandise, adidas Silver Spike Trophy

– THIRD PLACE – R 4 000 Cash Prize, R 2 000 Adidas Merchandise, adidas Bronze Spike Trophy

BEST IN AGE GROUP: The winning team in each age group boys and girls

– Sub-Youth (13/14/15) R 4 000 Cash Prize, 8 adidasTracksuits (One for each athlete on winning team)

– Youth (16/17) R 4 000 Cash Prize, 8 adidas Tracksuits (One for each athlete on winning team)

– Junior (18/19/20) R 4 000 Cash Prize, 8 adidas Tracksuits (One for each athlete on winning team)

BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT: The school with the best support and spirit at the Final event. Winner – R 6 000 Cash Prize

SCORING:The scoring per Age Group is as follows:- 20 points for 1st, 18 points for 2nd, 17 points for 3rd, etc.

SYJSM League A

As we move into the new season of athletics, a KZNA sub-youth (14 & 15), youth (16 & 17), junior (18 & 19), senior and masters league will be held on Saturday the 4th of October at Kingspark in Durban. The event will feature a full program of track & field events and is open to anyone wishing to participate.

This is a pre-entry event with entries closing on Wednesday the 1st of October. Please note that the callroom procedure will be in place on Saturday meaning that you have to register for each event on Saturday at the venue. You have to report no later than 45 minutes before the start of the event i.e. if your 100m is scheduled for 10H00, you must be registered by 09H45 as registration for the event will then close. If your name is not on the start sheet you will not be allowed to run. All entries will be published on the notice board on Saturday and we do urge athletes & coaches to verify that your entries are correct. If there are any issues with your entry please report it to the callroom ASAP.

CLICK HERE to download the ENTRY FORM

CLICK HERE to download the PROGRAM

Primary Youth League 4 Results

The 4th event in the 2014 KZNA track & field primary youth league was held at Kingspark in Durban on Saturday the 27th of September. We had a fantastic turnout of athletes from all corners of the province and it was a wonderful sight to see the support that came out for the event. Unfortunately the wind played havoc with some events. However, despite the unfavourable conditions we had 1 record broken (Marisca Sutherland from Pongola with 30.20m in the girls 13 javelin) and one equalled (Dominic Le Sueur 1.51 boys 11 highjump). Congratulations to both of you!

Please take note of the following for future events;

1. Please send your entries by the closing date which is the Wednesday before the Saturday event. Even if you don’t have license number or don’t know if an athlete will be available, rather sent your entries than not at all.

2. Please verify your athlete’s details on the team list that is printed and available on the notice board, first thing when you arrive. We had a number of athletes that were entered with wrong details i.e. gender. Operations will only upload what’s entered on the spreadsheet they receive. We all can make mistakes, but don’t wait until you register to find out that your athlete’s details are incorrect or missing.

3. Please adhere to the CALLROOM procedure for track athletes. They must register at the callroom by the LATEST 45 minutes before the event is due to start. If your event is due to start at 10H00 the athlete must be registered by 09H15. The callroom is in place to eliminate athletes that enter but do not arrive on competition day. The callroom closing times are also available on the notice board.

4. There are still parents and teachers that get inside the competition areas. Only athletes are allowed inside the boundaries of the track. You are making it difficult for the officials and referees to run the event successfully. If the situation does not improve we will be obliged to stop an event where non-athletes are present inside a competition area.

We would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, teachers and supporters for helping us making the event a success and something that everyone can enjoy.

The KZN primary youth champs is scheduled for Saturday the 25th of October to be held at Kingspark. Entries will be closing on the 11th of October. The details are available on the frontpage of our website.

CLICK HERE to download the RESULTS

Comrades Relay Challenge Results

The semi-finals of the 2014 Comrades school relays were held at Kingspark in Durban on Friday evening. Up for grabs was a place in the finals that will be held on Thursday the 2nd of October at Kingspark. In the girls competition Durban Girls College showed their class with a win in the youth & junior age groups and a third place in the sub-youth. Danville Park HS finished second and Amanzimtoti High third. The boys competition was a much closer affair with Durban High School (DHS) and Glenwood HS finishing on level points with Qhilika HS in third place.

The organizers and sponsors would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, teachers, parents and spectators for supporting the event. You all made it a very successful event. We do hope to see all of you (and more) and Thursday’s finals event.

CLICK HERE to download the RESULTS

2014 LOTTO Funding Applications

The Distributing Agency for Sport and Recreation, established in terms of the Lotteries Act (No. 57 of 1997, as amended), is in a position to consider applications for funding from the proceeds of the National Lottery. In line with Government’s commitment to focus on sports development, especially at grassroots level, applications are only invited from Sport Clubs and no-fee Schools – Quintile 1, 2 and 3) who can apply for funding as detailed below.

The NLDTF will give preference to Sports Clubs and no-fee Schools in previously disadvantaged, disadvantaged and rural communities that support the following:

1. Capacity Building (Training of coaches and technical officials);
2. Universal access to facilities; and 3. Access for people with disabilities viz. the modification of infrastructure and the provision of assistive devices or support services.


SPORT CLUBS can apply for:
 New basic sports facilities; 
The upgrading of existing sports facilities with a focus on levelling, grassing and fencing; 
Sport equipment and apparel (playing kit); 
The coordination of, and participation in, local leagues and provincial competitions; 
Sport-specific capacity building, for coaches and technical officials. 
Athlete support.

Sports Clubs meeting the application criteria may also apply on behalf of a maximum of two other sports clubs for mentorship purposes. The partnership application must be supported by a signed Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties, a clear motivation as to why they should be funded through a partnership, and an indication of what skills will be transferred.
NB: A Sports Club may apply for an amount up to a maximum of R200 000.00.

CLICK HERE to visit the NLDTF website with all the info and required forms