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Track & Field: Primary Youth League 1

The 2014 primary youth league will officially kick-off this coming weekend with the 1st league event on Saturday the 6th of September scheduled to take place at Kingspark. Please note that the age groups for primary youth athletes are between 6 and 13 years. The 14/15 year old age group forms part of the sub-youth league as ratified by Athletics SA in 2013.

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The event is a pre-entry event with entries closing on Wednesday the 3rd of September. Athletes entering track events must report to the call-room on Saturday to confirm their participation. Failure to do so would mean that you will be removed from the starting list as the organizers will assume that the athlete is not present. The ruling was introduced in the beginning of 2014 and eliminates instances where a heat has only one or two athletes. There is no need for field event athletes to report at the call-room as they can report directly at their respective events 15 minutes before the start.

There is a standard gate fee of R10 payable by athletes and spectators.

Athletes must be in possession of a 2014 KZNA license to participate. If your athlete does not have a license you can buy one from the KZNA office during the week or on Saturday. Please contact the KZNA office for any enquiries about licenses at 031 312 9374. Temporary licenses will be sold as the exception for R10. However, athletes to be selected for the KZNA team must be in possession of a permanent license as ASA will not accept entries without them.

There are always issues and questions regarding minimum leagues. As much as we would like to encourage athletes to participate in minimum leagues, this is not practical. Therefore we would like to make it clear that there are NO minimum leagues required for entering KZN primary youth champs or being eligible for KZNA team selection.

There are NO qualifying standards for primary youth selection, except for high-jump as the inter-provincial champs will have minimum starting heights. Performances will however be evaluated against previous years’ inter-provincial results and final team selection will be at the discretion of the selection committee. Having no qualifying standards it is important to note that the KZN primary youth champs will be the ONLY selection event for the KZNA team. Only the TOP3 in each event at KZN champs will be considered for the KZN primary youth team.

The primary youth fixtures for 2014:

6 September – Kingspark, Durban
13 September – Saxon Young, Pietermaritzburg
20 September – Ladysmith
27 September – Kingspark, Durban
11 October – Kingspark, Durban
25 October (KZN Primary Youth Champs) – Kingspark, Durban

2014 Comrades/KZNA School Relays

Following on from last year’s very successful school relays we are very excited to announce details for the 2014 school relay challenge. Comrades came on board as the new title sponsor of the 2014 series. Aimed at schools and grassroot level development, the event aims to give our talented athletes an opportunity to showcase their abilities within a team environment. Athletics is usually seen as an individual sport, but relays bring a different dynamic to the fore and is very popular as a spectator event.

The semi-final is scheduled for Friday 26 September 2014 to be held at Kingspark in Durban. Teams who make it through to the final will lock horns on Thursday the 2nd of October.

The event is open to any school wishing to participate. It is run in three age group categories, namely sub-youth (14/15 years), youth (16/17 years) and an open category. The event only features 6 races, one for each age group for boys and girls. An event is ONE race consisting of 8 athletes doing 1 x 800m, 1 x 400m, 2 x 200m and 4 x 100m. This is a very unique concept as your team must find a delicate balance made up of sprinters and middle-distance athletes.

If your school haven’t entered as yet, you can contact Zoe Engler on 031 312 7960 or via email

You can also contact the KZNA office directly on 031 312 9374

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Spring Series 2 Results

The second meeting in the 2014 track & field spring series was held on Friday evening at Kingspark in Durban. The event was well attended and showed the interest in athletics in KZN. There were some very good performances with the boys 15 javelin the pick of the results. Jarryd Lombard threw a 61.29m to take the win, closely followed by Brendon Skinner with an equally impressive 59.35m in second place. We will definitely keep an eye on these two athletes as the new season gains momentum.

The next spring series event is scheduled for the 19th of September at Kingspark in Durban

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Primary Youth League Starts 6 September!

Please note that the 2014 KZNA Primary Youth League only starts on Saturday the 6th of September at Kingspark in Durban. There are queries about a league scheduled for Saturday 23 August, but the only event happening on the 23rd is the KZNA cross-country champs.

The calendar of events, league rules, program and entry forms will be published on the website within the next few days. Schools and clubs are reminded that the primary youth league will only cater for age groups 7 – 13 years old. The 14/15 year old age group now forms part of the sub-youth (14/15), youth (16/17) & junior (18/19) league which runs from January to April. This change was ratified by Athletics South Africa in 2013.

For any enquiries about the primary youth league, please contact the KZNA office on 031 312 9374