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Who we are

KZN Athletics is dedicated to activating the athletics movement in the KZN region by the promotion of sporting events in Kwa-Zulu Natal. We strive to develop young athletes pushing their physical and mental boundaries to conquer the whatever heights, lengths, and of course times, their hearts desire.

We believe that by encouraging young athletes, and growing their passions in the athletic regime we can build young individuals in a desirable direction. In turn, we hope to develop a team of athletes who are ready to take on the world and challenge their predecessors as they challenged their leaders before them.

At KZN Athletics we both host and partake in events which range across the athletics board including track and field, cross country, road running and walking as well as of course a range of athletics. By taking part in these events we ensure that we cater for all our athletes, and make it our duty to assist those athletes in any immediate athletic events as well as those events which require special qualifications.

While we know that competing may result in a handful of winners, we would like our athletes to know that there can be no losers, because while some may gain the spoils of a win, we all prosper with the strength of our team. Rivals may become friends as they push one another through physical feats, underdogs may rise and surprise the world.

To all of those who choose to join us on a journey filled with sweat, hard work and dedication, not to mention a few handfuls of excitement and a touch of glory. We’re glad to have you on board.

See you out there!

The KZN Athletics team